Boston’s rich history and its role in instigating the American Revolution earned the city the name “The Cradle of Liberty.” Come and explore this famed city as the Historic Boston GeoTour leads you around the town and through four hundred years of history. While the GeoTour consists of only 12 geocaches, you will also have to complete the 45 stops of the Freedom Trail Adventure Labs. All in all, 57 smileys, a Historic Boston GeoTour geocoin, a Historic Boston digital souvenir, and a Freedom Trail Adventures pathtag.

So put on some good walking shoes and enjoy a full day exploring Boston’s past!

When you have completed all 12 caches, you will automatically receive the Historic Boston digital souvenir. If you would like to receive the Historic Boston GeoTour geocoin, please send a screenshot of your digital souvenir, along with your caching name, your name, and your mailing address to

Interactive Map for the Historic Boston GeoTour

Clicking on the map will allow you to also show the Freedom Trail Adventure Labs.

The Cachers Behind the GeoTour

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